Azure DevOps Task Name Azure DevOps Phase
Tag an Image (Habitat) Release


Tags a Docker image that has been exported from Habitat.

As of version 3.x of the extension this task is DEPRECATED. It will be removed from version 4 onwards. The reason for the deprecation is because a file of the tags that should be applied to the Docker image can be written out by the Expose Habitat Build Variables task. Then with the Docker task this file can be passed in as a parameter to tag the image accordingly.


It is not possible to tag a Docker image that is exported from Habitat. However if the image needs to be uploaded to a Docker Registry (using one of the Azure DevOps Docker tasks) then it must be tagged. This task allows the tagging of the exported image.

This task requires Docker to be installed.

NOTE: This is just a tagging task, it does not perform the upload to the specified Docker Repo.


Setting Required Default Value Description
Display name yes Install Habitat Set the display name for this task
Docker Repo yes Target Docker registry. Can be a private registry
Version Tag yes $(Build.BuildNumber) Version to tag the image with
Last Build Environment File $(System.DefaultWorkingDirectory)/$(System.TeamProject)-CI/drop/last_build.env Path to the Habitat build environment file  

The variables specified in the table above come from Azure DevOps. A list of well known variables can be found here.


Variable / Setting Example Value
$(System.TeamProject) HelloWorld
$(Build.BuildNumber) 1.1.15
Origin russellseymour
Format docker
Package Name mypackage
Release 20170607113423

Given the settings and variables in the table above, the resultant command that the task will run is:

$> docker tag russellseymour/mypackage:1.1.15-20170607113423


Tag an Image Task