Package Upload

Azure DevOps Task Name Azure DevOps Phase
Package Upload (Habitat) Release


Uploads a Habitat package to the specified depot.


Uploads the built Habitat package to the Depot as specfied in the Habitat Endpoint.


Setting Required Default Value Description
Display name yes Install Habitat Set the display name for this task
Habitat Origin yes None The Habitat Endpoint to use for this task
Package Path yes None Path to where the built package is

It is possible to use the ellipsis at the end of the text field to select the package to be uploaded, however this will be static and will only ever upload that one package. Additionally if the pipeline has not been run then there will be artifacts to select.

It is suggested that the path is built up using Azure DevOps variables, as can be seen in the screenshot below.


The agent runs the following Habitat command (after all the variable substitutions have been performed)

$> hab pkg upload <PACKAGE_NAME>


Package Upload Task