Package Install

Azure DevOps Task Name Azure DevOps Phase
Package Install (Habitat) Release


Installs a Habitat package locally after building


Installs the package locally. Usually used before the upload. This is required because the Habitat Studio is not being used for building, thus the package has to be installed locally for the upload task to work correctly.

If the option to use sudo has been set in the Service Endpoint this task will use sudo to perform the export.


Setting Required Default Value Description
Display name yes Install Habitat Set the display name for this task
Habitat Origin yes None The Habitat Endpoint to use for this task
Drop Folder yes $(System.DefaultWorkingDirectory)/$(System.TeamProject)-CI/drop Directory in which the Habitat .hart file exists
Last Build Environment File yes $(System.DefaultWorkingDirectory)/$(System.TeamProject)-CI/drop/ Path to the Habitat generated file. This contains the version and revision values that the agent requires to find the correct Habitat package file

The variables specified in the table above come from Azure DevOps. A list of well known variables can be found here.


Variable / Setting Example Value
Origin russellseymour
Package Name mypackage

The agent runs the following Habitat command (after all the variable substitutions have been performed)

$> hab pkg install russellseymour/mypackage


Package Install Task