Package Export

Azure DevOps Task Name Azure DevOps Phase
Package Export (Habitat) Release


Export a Habitat package to a different format.


Export a package in a different format. Currently supported formats are:

  • Docker
  • Aci
  • Mesos
  • Tar

If the option to use sudo has been set in the Service Endpoint this task will use sudo to perform the export.


Setting Group Required Default Value Description
Display name   yes Install Habitat Set the display name for this task
Habitat Origin   yes None The Habitat Endpoint to use for this task
Export Format   yes docker Format that the package should be exported to
Package Path   yes   Path to the hart file to export
Package Channel Advanced no   Channel that packages are pulled from when exporting the package

The variables specified in the table above come from Azure DevOps. A list of well known variables can be found here.

In this version, 2.x, of the task the Package Path, replaces the Name and Version to export the package with parameters that were available in version 1.x. The recommended way to correctly tag images is to use the Expose Build Variables task to write out the images file and then use the Docker Tag Images task.


Variable / Setting Example Value
Package Path $(System.DefaultWorkingDirectory)/mybuild-CI/drop/mybuild-$(Build.BuildNumber)-x86_64-linux.hart
Origin russellseymour
Format docker

Given the settings and variables in the table above, the resultant command that the task will run is:

$> hab pkg export docker --url /vsts/agent/_work/r1/a/mybuild-CI/drop/mybuild-1.2.3-x86_64-linux.hart

If the “Package Channel” has been populated on the parameters on the task, the -c option will be added to the command.


Package Export Task