The extension can be installed either from the Azure DevOps Marketplace or if a preview version of it has been shared with your account it can be installed from the ‘Manage Extensions’ in the Azure DevOps Account.

Marketplace Installation

  • Navigate to the Visual Studio Marketplace website
  • Ensure that the Azure DevOps tab across the top is selected
  • Search for the “habitat” extension
  • Click on the “Habitat Integration” tile

Habitat Integration

  • Click on the “Get it free” button. You may be asked to login or select an account.
  • Select the “Azure DevOps Account” you wish to install the extension into from the drop down list.
  • Click Install

Manage Extensions Installation

  • Log into the Azure DevOps account.
  • Go to ‘Manage Extensions’ from the store icon in the top right corner of the Azure DevOps portal.
    • If the extension has been shared with your account then you should see that the Azure DevOps Habitat Extension is listed and can be installed.


  • Click on the ‘Azure DevOps Habitat Extension’
  • Click on ‘Install’
  • Check that the correct account is listed, click on ‘Continue’ and then ‘Confirm’.
    • When the insallation has finished click on ‘Close’ and refresh your extensions page to see that the extension is now installed.