An endpoint, called ‘Habitat Endpoint’ is bundled with this extension. This allows multuple Habitat depots to be configured and reused across tasks as required.

Azure DevOps endpoints hold secrets secret so this is the best place to add your Habitat signing key and GitHub token. This information will never be displayed in log files, but will be accessed by the tasks that need them.

Habitat Endpoint Configuration

The following table describes each of the fields in the screenshot:

Field Name Description Example
Connection Name Name of this connection. This is what will be seen in the service drop down on appropriate tasks Habitat Depot
Habitat Depot URL This allows for private depots to be targeted when they are available.
Origin Name Name of the origin that will be used to build packages myorigin
Revision The revision of the origin to use 20170610095911
Public Key The public key associated with the specified origin  
Signing Key The signing (private) key associated with the specified origin  
Habitat Auth Token Habitat PAT for publishing packages to the Habitat depot  
Use Sudo Some habitat tasks may need to use sudo to work correctly, this option states if they are allows to do so True
  • Habitat Depot URL - it is not possible to set a default value for this field, but it is required. Use
  • Use Sudo - the tasks that use sudo if it is configured are:
    • Install Package
    • Package Export